Sentrex's Line Marking service is hugely flexible and can be applied to a number of areas.

We offer line marking systems for a range of different surfaces, including roads, footpaths, playgrounds and we even offer bespoke signage.

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All Sentrex's line markings are enhanced in safety and we only use the highest quality materials. Our line markings can be applied to a range of different surfaces, with asphalt being the most common. However, our markings can be applied to concrete, granite, metal and more. We use a high-quality primer to prepare the surface so that your markings are clean and long-lasting.

Sentrex uses only the best materials for our line marking. Correctly applied by our specialists, these markings can last 10 times longer than paint. All our markings conform to all UK and European legislation. Our products also have an anti-slip and reflective quality, so you can ensure that all your staff and visitors are kept safe when they visit your business.

We offer nationwide Thermoplastic line marking installation, 24 hours a day. Our team of installation operatives are committed to health and safety and provide a fast, efficient service, all year round. With over 20 years’ experience between the insulation team.

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Line marking services: Marking for a variety of surfaces, Primer applied to prepare the surface, Long lasting markings, Conforms to all UK and EU legislation and Anti-slip and Reflective Solution

What are Thermoplastic line markings?

Thermoplastic line markings are a safer, harder wearing, more up to date alternative to traditional wet pour. These offer high friction, bright, visual definition and boundary. Thermoplastic is a very durable material that, with its fast curing time, can be used within minutes after installation and require no maintenance for years. With your car park being the first thing customers or clients will see, a good first impression with markings that stand out and give clear direction look professional and clean.



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How to apply Thermoplastic line markings.

Firstly the area must be free from dust and moisture before the Thermo is laid. Once the area is clearly marked out, a bonding primer is rolled down. This maximises the grip between the Thermoplastic lines and the Tarmac base. Once these steps are completed, the Thermoplastic lines are laid down in place and cut to the required specification. Then heat is applied using a gas burner which makes the Thermoplastic grip the Tarmac and is ready to use within minutes.

Whatever line markings you're looking for for your premises, give us a call. Our friendly staff will help you to find the correct solution for your marking. Call our specialists today, and see how Sentrex can help you with your line marking.


Sentrex Line Marking Services include a range of different line and surfacing including:

• Car Park Line Marking
• Car Park Surface Lining
• Road Marking
• Warehouse Lines & Factory Floor Marking
• Anti Skid Surfacing
• Sports Courts & Playgrounds


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