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Industrial cleaning is vital – it can help you to ensure that standards and regulations are met, whilst providing a safe environment for staff and visitors. Find out more here.

Here at Sentrex, we’ve got years of experience when it comes to providing affordable industrial cleaning services for businesses all across the UK. Across Manchester, the North West, and further afield, we provide bespoke solutions to companies across a range of industries including food processing, automotive, plastics and metal, pharmaceutical, and printing. We’re also experienced in working in various environments, including warehouses and factories.


When you’re looking for an industrial cleaning company, we know that first and foremost you need professionals with specialist equipment that can tackle any industrial facility. Second, you want a company that will meet and surpass the strict regulatory standards and audits, as well as ensure that your business runs more efficiently. That’s exactly what we can help you with. From regular contract cleaning to one-off deep cleans, we’ve got a range of services that are ideal for all industrial sites. 


To get a quote for our professional cleaning service, complete the form on the page or get in touch by calling 0333 240 1149 today. Our team are always happy to provide more details or answer any questions that you may have. 

Industrial Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning

Our Services At A Glance

Our industrial cleaning service can be tailored exactly to your work environment and specific needs. Our full range of services encompass a host of different processes, some of which can be found below, to give you an idea of what you can expect:


Deep cleaning

This is key for helping businesses to meet regulatory standards and audits. It can encompass floor and upholstery cleaning and polishing, as well as decontamination, degreasing, and machinery cleaning. It’s ideal for sectors such as food manufacturing, as well as for environments such as warehouses or factories. 


Drain cleaning

Whether it’s preventative or reactive drain maintenance, our team can take care of it. This part of our service can include regular/planned draining cleaning, emergency cleaning, and quality drain surveys. 

After-builders cleaning

If you’ve got building work planned, this can seriously affect the cleanliness of your environment. Our team can be on hand to ensure that your workspace is clean following any building work. 


Equipment and machinery cleaning

Most equipment and machinery must be kept clean in order for it to function properly. Our team know how to clean equipment and machinery safely, using the right tools to ensure that they are cleaned to a high standard. 


Roof and ceiling cleaning

Our team have experience in cleaning roof decks and ceilings made from a range of materials, including corrugated metal deck and open joists, insulated building panels, rolled, insulated vinyl, suspended vinyl, acoustic, drywall, wood, and concrete.


High-level cleaning

Our trained cleaners safely and carefully wash factory grime build-up from roof decks, joists, piping, overhead ductwork and other high-level areas. We use low volume controlled applications of degreaser and rinse to make your factory clean. 


Ventilation cleaning

Ventilation can cause asthma, allergies and a whole host of other respiratory problems, so keeping your ventilation systems clean is a must for employers. 


Floor de-greasing

In many warehouses and factories, the floors can get extremely dirty. Not only is this unpleasant, but it can also be a health and safety hazard. We can carry out a floor cleaning service that includes de-greasing to ensure that your floors aren’t just clean but safe too.


External cleaning – e.g. window cleaning

Even if you’re in a high rise building, our team can carry out a range of external cleaning, including window cleaning. We have a team of highly trained individuals that will bring the appropriate equipment, such as ladders, harnesses, abseiling ropes and hydraulic platform vehicles, to carry out the service safely. Our team can also clean cladding – we have experience in dealing with powder-coated cladding, glass, concrete, aluminium cladding, UPVC, Portland stone, fibreglass cladding, and stainless steel cladding.

What Is Industrial Cleaning?

An industrial cleaning service is a dedicated service for an industrial setting. These spaces, whether it be a food production facility, a warehouse, a power plant, or anything else in between, tend to be busy environments with lots of traffic. As such, dirt and debris can build up quickly in these environments, which can then affect your standards, productivity and compliance with relevant regulations. It’s therefore important to have an effective industrial cleaning regime in place – this should be carried out by experts that know exactly what it takes to deliver an outstanding yet tailored service to meet all your business needs. Our team at Sentrex have the knowledge, techniques and tools to do just that. 


Ensuring that your industrial environment is clean isn’t a simple task, and that’s exactly why it should be carried out by our specialists. Industrial spaces can be hazardous areas, meaning that cleaners shouldn’t just know about how to get the environment clean and tidy, but they should be aware of the safety risks and how these need to be addressed. For example, industrial cleaning will involve being around heavy machinery or materials that could pose a potential risk, such as metal shavings and fibreglass. Our team here at Sentrex know exactly how to carry out effective industrial cleaning service in hazardous environments, keeping themselves and your staff safe throughout the entire cleaning process. 

The Benefits Of Our Industrial Cleaning

Our cleaning service features several benefits to boost your workplace environment. Take a look at just some of the advantages of investing in an industrial cleaning service:


Ensure that your machinery works properly

In many industrial workplaces, the machinery will be a crucial part of your day-to-day tasks. In fact, many of these tasks probably require machinery to be carried out and completed. Yet in many industrial sites, the machinery that is used can be sensitive to the likes of dust and dirt. If a lot of this comes into contact with the machine, this can impact the way that the machinery works. As such, keeping this equipment clean is essential. 


A healthier and safer environment for staff and visitors

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your employees. This means that you should take all necessary steps to preserve their health, safety and wellbeing. Having a clean workspace is a key part of this duty, as well as the duty that you have to your visitors. Regarding the latter, a clean working environment will also help to impress anyone that visits your facilities, whether that be potential business partners or new staff. 


Meet any relevant regulations and standards

Depending on the sector that you operate in, it’s likely that you’re required to meet a series of regulatory requirements and standards in relation to the cleanliness of your industrial environment. Take food production cleaning as an example – businesses in the food industry have to meet legal requirements set by the HSE and the Food Safety Authority. Our teams have detailed knowledge of industry-specific regulations, and they will ensure that the cleanliness of your environment meets these standards once our service has been carried out.

Industrial Cleaning

The Sectors That We Support

Here at Sentrex, we’re experienced in assisting businesses across several sectors and in a range of environments, including factories and warehouses. Here are just a few of the key sectors that we support with our service:

Food Processing

Food production and manufacturing environments can get dirty quite easily, yet in this industry it’s so important that your area is kept clean, especially because there are strict regulations and standards to meet. Our service can be tailored to your food processing business to provide you with a specialist service like no other.


Workplaces in the automotive industry may involve machinery and equipment that’s used to build or fix car parts. To carry out the job well and to ensure that all your machinery and equipment work as expected, it’s important to keep the area clean – that’s exactly what we can help you with. 

Plastics & Metals

Our team have many years of experience in supporting businesses that are in the plastic industry, as well as the metal industry. Whether your firm manufactures or processes plastic or metals, we can help to ensure that your environment is cleaned to the highest standards.


Pharmaceutical environments must be kept clean – this is crucial for ensuring that the quality of the product is not compromised. We can carry out a tailored service based on the type of environment that you operate in. This way, we can ensure that your workspace is clean and safe for your staff, visitors, customers, and products.


If you’re attempting to carry out a printing service in an environment that lacks cleanliness, then it’s inevitable that the quality of your finished product may be affected. Ensuring that your workspace is clean and tidy will help you to provide a quality product, every time. 

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