Discover our eco-care and touch free products and solutions for functional, standard and premium washrooms to suit every budget.

  • Safeseat® – Toilet Seat Sanitizer
  • Urinal Sanitizing Systems
  • Feminine Hygiene & Sanitary Disposal Service
  • Sanitary Bin
  • Consumables
  • Sanitex®Soap Dispenser
  • Linen Towel Roller
  • Toilet Roll & Tissue Dispensers
  • Warm Air Dryers
  • Industrial Strength Dryer
  • Compact Quiet Dryer
  • Paper Towel Dispenser
Many of these products are also available in chrome and stainless steel.  In addition, we provide a comprehensive telesales back-up service for repeat orders, which means that once installed, you don’t need to worry about servicing.

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