Everyone needs to use the washroom from time to time. It’s important the experience is always a pleasant one, and that’s what we aim to ensure.

We provide a comprehensive range of washroom products combined with a high level service: Air fresheners and Solar air fresheners, foam and liquid soap dispensers, hand drying systems using, paper or air, toilet seat wipes, sanitisers and feminine hygiene units.
Our proactive service is designed to ensure your needs are consistently met to a high standard. This includes regular visits from our trained, uniformed staff that always provide a dependable and discreet service.
Air Freshening : Keep your washroom fresh and welcoming with our fragrance and air purification units.

Complete Hygiene Packages : We offer Complete Hygiene Packages consisting of products, services and consumables, which are both cost effective and especially tailored to your business’ needs.

Feminine Hygiene : Learn about our sanitary units and touch free units, which have a unique chemical vapour system which sterilises and deodorises all the contents of the unit.

Hand Drying & Hand Washing : In our range of paper and air hand dryers you’ll find something for every washroom. Traditional soap may trap bacteria. Find out about our hygienic alternatives.

Nappy Disposal : A safe, convenient and hassle-free solution for nappies.

Toilet Cubicle Hygiene : Have a look at our range of toilet cubicle hygiene products which will keep your cubicle sanitised.

Urinal Hygiene : Protect against deposits and lime scale in urinals and WCs. Reduce blockages.

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