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Are you in search for a cleaning agency which provides the best ventilation cleaning services? You are fortunate for coming to this site because this is where your search ends. Sentrex offers top-notch cleaning services for ventilations.

You may not know it but ventilation systems are one of the factors causing asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. If ventilation systems are not cleaned properly and regularly most especially during the spring season then allergens like dust and pollens can get stuck in the ventilation ducts.

Because of it, your place, whether it is your home or facility for business purposes, will have poor quality of air. The air may be contaminated and may have substances that can cause allergy.

Sooner or later, you will notice all of these. Your customers or your family might start feeling as if they cannot breathe easily. This might create a difficult situation for you, your customers, and your family to live in.

Importance of Cleaning and Hiring a Good Company

Cleanliness is certainly a must for businesses especially those selling food. This does not simply mean that you have to clean only the surfaces, equipments and utensils but the ventilation systems as well.

What you need are professionals like us who get the job done efficiently. We at Sentrex ensure that our clients won’t end up saying they have wasted their money on us. We make sure that every client is satisfied.

How Do We Clean Ventilation Systems?

– We first inspect the ventilation systems that need to be cleaned. During the inspection, we determine which parts of the systems need intensified cleaning and what areas are dirtiest. We also determine the deficiencies present.

– We then proceed to the cleaning process. We use a vacuum to get all the contaminants like fiber, dust and pollens from the ventilation system. Our vacuums are HEPA filtered to be sure that the contaminants won’t be able to reenter the ventilation system or even your place.  The filter system has a very high efficiency rate.

– After that, the brushing method is done to get rid of the remaining dirt. We make sure to clean everything, even the hard to reach areas.

You, your customers, and family deserve the best quality of air. For these to be possible, all you have to do is to hire us.

Consequences of Hiring a Not-So-Good Company

· First of all, your employees might get sick often and the outcome is that there will be fewer employees working for you. If there are few employees present, you won’t be able to accommodate a large number of customers.

· Next is that the energy consumption will increase. This is because your ventilation systems are not able to function properly because of all the dust and dirt that were stuck in it.

· Lastly, the maintenance cost is sure to increase because of the ventilations are not working properly.

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