Decontamination services to maximise cleanliness in your premises.

We deliver a tailored service to help you tackle COVID-19 and other bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Our experts have all the knowledge and specialist equipment that they need to deliver a fantastic service.

For a comprehensive decontamination service that can tackle even the most challenging environments, look no further than Sentrex. Our decontamination experts have provided the service to businesses in a wide range of industries to ensure that they have a clean environment to operate in, for both staff and visitors. So, how does decontamination differ from our regular cleaning services? In short, our regular cleaning service includes removing all visible soil from equipment and instruments, for example. Decontamination, on the other hand, is required in clean-up instances where harmful substances or infectious organisms are involved – here, our service includes a decontamination specialist being assigned to ensure these substances are safely and thoroughly removed. By combining these two elements, you can maximise the cleanliness of your premises.


We operate in our surrounding areas of Manchester and Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Merseyside, and further afield across the UK in major cities like Birmingham and London. For a free quote, complete our online form or get in touch by calling 0333 240 1145 to speak to our team who can then refer you to our decontamination specialists. 


How Do We Carry Out Decontamination?

To effectively get rid of infectious microbes and to prevent decontamination, we do the following:


• Carry out a risk assessment – We determine if your surfaces or equipment/objects are a low-risk item, medium-risk item, or a high-risk item. This is vital, as it indicates what needs to be cleaned and decontaminated more thoroughly.

• Cleaning – Before proceeding with the decontamination process, we first clean all the surfaces, equipment and objects. All of these must be free from any visible dirt before we proceed.

• Choose the right disinfectant solutions to be used – Not all viruses and bacteria can be killed using a single type of disinfectant solution. Based on the risk assessment we have done, we will choose the right disinfectant solutions to decontaminate the instruments and equipment.

• Protection – Whilst carrying out the decontamination process, we make sure that all of our employees are protected, so that they are not infected by harmful microorganisms. This is also done to prevent the possible spread of these microorganisms outside of your premises.


Here at Sentrex, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team are always on hand to receive feedback at the end of the service, and we’ll tailor our approach so that it’s specific to your premises. 


Why Should You Use Sentrex?

Decontamination services must be carried out correctly and with precision to prevent situations with grave consequences – for example, the condition of patients worsening, if we’re carrying out the procedure in a hospital or health facility. To avoid patients with weaker immune systems becoming infected, the decontamination process can be essential.


We ensure that we give our clients the best decontamination service by using chemistry technology and sophisticated cleaning equipment.


This includes:

• Strict colour coding of the materials and products we use to prevent cross-contamination.

• The use of hospital-grade disinfectants in cleaning.

• Flat mopping technology that improves the removal of soil and prevents cross-contamination because of the no-dip method.

• Vacuum technology with high efficiency to provide air filtering behind 3 microns.


Also, each of our employees has undergone training on various subjects like aseptic cleaning, disinfectant chemistry, safety and security, basic microbiology, personal protective equipment (PPE), and universal precautions. We also provide a certificate upon completion of the decontamination work.

Coronavirus Decontamination Services

We are also licensed and equipped to carry out Covid-19 decontamination and infection control. For coronavirus decontamination, we carry out the following combination of services:


Touchpoint surface cleaning

We will focus on the cleaning and sanitisation of all regular touchpoints in your building.



We will then carry out a fogging procedure throughout your building, using NHS-approved antimicrobial disinfectants.


If you suspect your premises or staff may be at risk from Covid-19, call us today and we will arrange a site visit and quotation as soon as possible. We can then carry out disinfection of your premises to the appropriate standards and guidelines – this will aim to prevent any further spread of the virus.

If you think that your premises would benefit from a decontamination service, you can get in touch with our team for a free quote. Call us on 0333 240 1145 or complete our online form for more information. 

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