We provide a reliable cladding cleaning service around the UK.

We can provide a cladding cleaning service for both industrial and commercial properties, using specialist equipment and best practices.

As well as a variety of other commercial, industrial, and specialist cleaning services, here at Sentrex, we’re proud to be a trusted provider of cladding cleaning to businesses all over the UK, including in our surrounding area of Greater Manchester. Cleaning cladding is crucial for providing a good impression of your premises, whether that’s business premises – such as office blocks – or commercial buildings, like retail premises. Ultimately, it helps to maintain a professional company image. 


Using hydraulic platforms and abseiling methods to access high-level buildings, we can provide all the protection necessary to minimise business disruption and inconvenience to the public and the surrounding environment whilst we carry out our service.


Once you decide to go ahead with using Sentrex for your cleaning service, we will arrange for a site visit so that we can accurately quote for your cladding cleaning work. Site visits are essential in order to assess the area and then decide on the best way to complete your high-level cladding cleaning.


Depending on your building, we can use ropes, wash and reach equipment or a cherry picker to clean your cladding or facade. In addition, we can evaluate the health and safety risks to ensure your cladding cleaning is done safely. We can carry out our services on all types of cladding. 


You can complete our online form for a free quote, or give us a call on 0333 240 1145 to speak to a member of our team. 


About Our Cladding Cleaning

Here at Sentrex, we’re equipped to carry out cladding cleaning services that tackle facades affected by adverse weather conditions, airborne pollutants and chemical pollutants, and stubborn stains, such as corrosion stains. We carry out our cladding cleaning service with specialist equipment, professional cleaners, and – perhaps most importantly – minimal disruption to your business.


Our service can be carried out on a wide range of exterior surfaces regardless of the type of cladding. Our team have cleaning equipment and knowledge of the best cleaning methods for a wide range of surfaces including powder-coated cladding, glass, concrete, aluminium cladding, UPVC, portland stone, fibreglass cladding, and stainless steel cladding.

We can use cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and our SkyVac system when areas are more accessible to carry out our services. As for the cleaning process itself, we use a clean water-fed pole system from the ground, pressure washing, or hands-on cleaning using high-level access equipment depending on what’s best for your premises and the job at hand. Before carrying out the cleaning, we will carry out a risk assessment to decide on the best way to tackle your high-level premises.

Many buildings that we provide our services to are worked on as part of a maintenance programme. We may carry out gutter cleaning, window cleaning or jet washing as part of a full-building cleaning package for you. This makes the facade cleaning more cost-effective for you when carried out alongside other essential services.


Why Is Cladding Cleaning Important?

• Cleaning your exterior cladding is a cost-effective solution for improving the appearance of your property – it is an important facet of building maintenance.

• Cleaning your cladding can help you maintain it properly, thus avoiding a costly repair due to structural damage. You can also avoid the cost of re-cladding or spray-painting.

• The service can help to prevent the discolouration or corrosion of cladding.

For cladding cleaning at a competitive cost, get in touch with our friendly team to get a free quote – simply complete our online form today. You can also give us a call on 0333 240 1145 to ask any questions about our services or to get more information. 

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