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Environmentally sound chewing gum removal

There are very few things quite as frustrating as the presence of used chewing gum being left on your premises. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common occurrence for many businesses in a number of sectors. Unlike with most food waste, where consumers simply use a bin to dispose of their used or unwanted items, people who chew gum are prone to dispose of their chewing gum in a variety of inconsiderate ways, such as throwing it on the floor where it can be stood on, or even sticking it in hidden areas such as underneath a table or on handrails. 

As you can imagine, the presence of used gum is not just unprofessional and unsanitary, it’s incredibly unhygienic too. The bacteria found on the used gum could easily lead to the transmission of viral illnesses that could impact anyone who works on your company premises, so removing any used gum should always be a high priority. 

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The expert cleaning team here at Sentrex knows just how to deal with tough to remove chewing gum remains; we’ll use our professional deep cleaning services to ensure the physical remains of the gum are removed, followed by a thorough disinfecting process that eliminates any traces of bacteria and creates a more hygienic environment for your workforce to operate in. 


If you’d like to contact our team regarding our professional chewing gum removal solutions, get in touch with us today by giving us a call on 0333 240 1091 or by filling out our online contact form, where we’ll be able to review your requirements and present you with a maintenance package that best suits your needs.


Removing tough to tackle chewing gum remains

Whilst it can be difficult to remove gum that has set in place, particularly after it has been walked over many times in areas of high foot traffic, using the correct tools and equipment to assist ensures that we’re able to clean your surfaces and free them of used gum remains as efficiently as possible.


The Sentrex cleaning team will utilise our high-pressure steam cleaning tools to begin removing your chewing gum – this steaming action disturbs the gum, beginning to free it from the area where it had previously been set. This method is very effective for floors and pavements, allowing us to remove gum from large areas of ground space as quickly as possible. After the high-pressure steaming, we’ll use a combination of water and steam to clean the affected surfaces. This process removes any remaining gum particles and ensures that your floors or pavements are left with a clean, professional finish. 


As our high-pressure steam clean can leave the affected patch of flooring looking cleaner than the rest of the ground around it, we’ll conduct a full deep clean of your entire floor space. By doing this, we ensure that your full floor or pavement is completely clean, with a consistent aesthetic throughout. 

Professional cleaning services, executed by hygiene experts

If you’re ready to revitalise your floors and pavements by removing used gum remains with our expert removal services, be sure to get in touch with our experienced cleaning team today by calling 0333 240 1145 or by filling out our quick and easy contact form right here on this page.

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