Sentrex is a high-quality cleaning agency that has been known because of its reliability in terms of manufacturing cleaning services.

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Many manufacturing companies have already tried our manufacturing cleaning services and were satisfied with our work. Because of this, these companies trust as and that is one of our prides.

Manufacturing cleaning is not that easy as it requires cleaning of everything thoroughly including the machineries and equipments. Thus, manufacturing cleaning must be done by professionals who have thorough knowledge about this job.

Of course, you still may not want to outsource the manufacturing cleaning needs of your company because you may have doubts about our capabilities. For you to know what makes us different and better than any other cleaning agency, just continue reading this.

infection controlEmployees trained specifically for manufacturing cleaning

We at Sentrex work as a team. Because of that, it is very important that everyone in our team has the necessary knowledge when it comes to manufacturing cleaning. That is why we train our employees before letting them do their first job.

We also train them to be keen observers to ensure that everything in your facility will be cleaned. Each one of our employees was also taught on how to clean vessels, chambers and tanks with very little space.

Last but not least, we make sure that they use our special cleaning equipments and that they know what cleaning solutions are most appropriate for use according to the situation or condition of the area.


manufacturing cleaning manchesterExtensive Manufacturing Cleaning System

We have vast knowledge about the most advanced strategies and cleaning treatments today. We also develop the best approach that your facility needs in order to be cleaned properly.

We know how to deal with high-touch surfaces and how to decontaminate equipments and machineries. We are take note of your specific cleaning requirements.

We do not simply clean and disinfect your facility. We also improve the air quality by using special cleaning solutions.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is important for us that our clients are 100% satisfied. We make sure of that by adhering to your specifications. Nothing is more important to us than making you satisfied. Our goal is to be sure that we did the job well so that you may focus on more important things such as improving productivity and increasing your profit.

Sentrex uses the best cleaning products and technologies to perform a task. We make sure that your facility becomes a top-notch industrial place.


Commitment for Customer Service

You are free to tell us if you want to change anything whether it is the cleaning schedule, the solutions we use or the cleaning techniques. We are flexible and can adapt to changes quickly. We also make sure that we are able to accomplish the job in the time allotted for it.

Those are the reasons why we are very well-known and why many clients trust us. If you want to experience the same then hire us now. You can reach us easily by email, fax or phone.

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