Manned Guarding - You need to protect your business and your buildings from a range of potential threats.

That is why Sentrex offers Professional Manned Guarding Services in GreaterManchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Lancashire and throughout the North West.

How does manned guarding work?

Burglary or vandalism cause great financial and emotional impact.  Which is why Manned Guarding by Sentrex security officers provide a visual deterrent against theft and vandalism. If your property has CCTV, there is no substitute for a physical presence. Our manned security service is there to react quickly to ensure any threatening or potentially dangerous situation is effectively handled.  We offer guarding services to clients across the UK including Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and the North West.

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Sentrex’s Manned Guarding Services include, Commercial guarding, Construction guarding, Retail guarding, Car park management, Dynamic guarding services, Concierge security, Trespass management, Vacant property guarding.

What is Vacant property Guarding?

When a property is vacant, it is open for vandals and trespasser.  This often results in costly repairs, business operating time lost and occasionally, legal issues. Sentrex has a range of clients that use our manned guarding services and periodic Void Property Inspections (VPI) to combat any issue that arises from a vacant property.

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Who are our security staff?

We provide professional, skilled and experienced Security guarding staff who are all fully trained to attend a variety of manned guarding assignments and emergencies. All of our security guards are SIA licensed and have completed job-specific training. All our guards have also been trained by our SIA level 3 trainer, as well as our in house training manager, with over 30 years of front line experience working for the Greater Manchester Police.

What do our staff do when they arrive on site?

Our manned security officers take a proactive and professional approach when on your business premises.  Whether providing door supervision, commercial guarding or monitoring a construction site, our security guards will take care of all of your concerns. If it’s a dual role that you’re looking for, such as a reception security service, we will tailor our manned security service to suit you.

gate security guardWhere do we provide Manned Security?

Sentrex offers you a dedicated team of security specialists with an understanding of security across all building types. We will work in partnership with you to protect you from potential external and internal threats, whether in vacant premises, a retail scenario, offices, and receptions or a specific, one-off event. Whatever your place of business, we can help to keep you safe and secure.


The benefits of using Sentrex for your security:

  • Expertise to assure you that you are offered efficient, practical and cost-effective solutions that are specifically tailored to your particular requirements.
  • A comprehensive solution covering assessment, design, and installation of an effective security system; supplying you with bespoke support and training programs, right through to delivering maintenance programs with the option of a 24-hour emergency call out service.
  • Independent and open approach, through setting up framework agreements with quality assured manufacturers, reassuring you that we offer you the best security solution for their unique situation and budget.
  • Reassurance that we take the recruitment and training of staff seriously, have substantial buying power and you can easily integrate the delivery of our security solution with our range of other technical facilities and energy services.
  • One point of contact who will understand your needs, your solution and make sure you obtain excellent and innovative service.

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