Sentrex offers professional machinery cleaning and factory cleaning by vacuuming or washing so that your factory can meet regulatory standards and audits.

Sentrex uses high-efficiency, microfiltration portable vacuums which allow for minimal interruption of factory production when carrying out machinery cleaning. Where appropriate, we also do washing using our controlled spray process. Sensitive areas get hand wiped, and areas with a heavy build-up of grease and grime get scraped or wiped prior to final cleaning. We also clean up the areas around the machinery.

Our trained cleaners safely and carefully remove the build-up of dust from manufacturing areas and remove contaminants so they don't get on products.

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Machinery CleaningRegular cleaning assists your plant maintenance staff to identify problems, and having Sentrex clean your machinery prior to painting ensures a uniform coating will adhere to a clean surface. Let Sentrex professionally clean your plant so your business can meet regulatory standards and audits.


Other Industrial Cleaning Services:

  • Cleaning of PDF roof deck, removing bird droppings, and general grime build-up at food processing plants.
  • Personal cooling fans placed along assembly lines in automotive supply manufacturer. Fan block, grill and motor all cleaned while still in place.
  • We also clean complete factory overheads, including roof decks and factory ceilings, walls, joists, piping, beams, – and all meticulously cleaned to your specifications. Our skilled, safety-conscious staff will either vacuum clean these areas or wash them clean using the Sentrex system. The result is a brighter, healthier work environment.
  • We use high-efficiency portable vacuums with microfiltration for the vacuuming of joists, beams, pipes, ducts, lights, fans, signage, etc.
  • Sentrex’s industrial cleaning professionals remove dust that could contaminate products and that provide a breeding ground for infestation. We also remove built-up dust that could be an explosive or fire hazard.

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