Interior landscaping and design is more than just dealing with plants...

Our award-winning interior landscape design team works to build your image by creating a landscaping plan that considers many elements of tropical plants including symmetry, texture, contrast, depth, and colour to enhance your company's atmosphere and visual identity.

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Your themed landscape plan is designed complete with indoor tropical plants, artificial plants, plant containers, and preserved palms, or other site furnishings.

We present your landscape design in many forms; from our tropical plant specification sheets to detailed landscape plans and drawings to life-like digital photo-imaging. All types of plans demonstrate plant placement, foliage variety, and plant height in your interior space to visually tell your story every step of the way. We want you to be thrilled with the interior landscaping that will soon welcome your guests.

interior landscaping servicesYour interior landscaping design plan will include product specification sheets that detail the interior tropical plants or artificial plants proposed, as well as decorative planter options and other office decors to complete the interior landscaping for your office.

The indoor plant products and containers specified in your landscape design are specific to your individual interior office plant needs. For example, if your office space is dark and allows minimal light, we may propose life-like artificial plants or live tropical plants that can reside in low-light areas, which will brighten up a drab area. Or, if you have a high-traffic lobby area we may recommend flowering plants for a colorful impression as well as recommend strong, broad-leaf plants to function not only as interior office decor but also to define a space or to direct traffic flow. Our landscape plans also use tropical plants as a resolve to common interior office problems. For example, low light plants placed in dark corners to warm and brighten the area, or align multiple plants in a row (creating a wall of plants) will reduce noise and create spaces.

After finalizing the indoor plant specifications and landscape plan details, we will discuss continuing tropical plant service programs.

Once your interior office plants have been selected we will put them on a plant maintenance service program to provide regular horticultural plant care.

Live Plant Lease Program
Our live plant leasing program is our most popular maintenance program and is designed to give you all of the benefits of tropical plants without ownership. With this service program, you pay a monthly maintenance fee for leasing the plants and for 100% coverage for all plant replacements. In addition, you pay a one-time fee to purchase the containers, accessories, and installation.

Live Plant Service with Guarantee Program
This live plant service program is available if you want to own the tropical plants and still receive professional horticultural plant maintenance. With this service program, you pay a monthly maintenance fee for 100% coverage for all plant replacements. In addition, you pay a one-time fee to purchase the plants, containers, accessories and installation.

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