<h1>Sentrex provides a fast, easy and affordable graffiti removal service</h1>

Sentrex provides a fast, easy and affordable graffiti removal service

Why use our Graffiti Removal service

The need for graffiti Removal... Not only anti-social and an eyesore, but graffiti could be an expensive issue costing the UK over £1bn a year, it also may impact on safety. We are also equipped to apply an anti-graffiti coating to your premises to prevent future attacks and to help make graffiti future removal easier.

We provide an initial graffiti removal cleaning service which transforms all the affected areas without harming the original surface. Projects could be based on fixed price or price per coverage area and we do provide ongoing maintenance, based on your requirements.

Our clients include builders, construction contractors, property agents & developers, transport and infrastructure controllers, social housing associations, local authorities and general businesses which include small and medium scale enterprises.

How we remove Graffiti

Compressed Air or Steam - Using compressed air with an abrasive is a cleaner method of removing paints and other contaminants from brickwork, cement, concrete, and other hard surfaces. We can modify the abrasive used as well as the settings on our equipment to ensure we remove the paint or contaminant without damaging the surface underneath. The same process can be applied using steam instead of a high-pressure jet. The steam heads mean less disruption to the surrounding area using water instead of the compressed air.

Environmentally friendly - The compressed air method of graffiti removal is environmentally neutral and non-toxic. This process can be used on glass, wood, metal, brick and most stone surfaces as it uses no corrosive or hazardous chemicals.

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graffiti removal serviceOur specialist equipment is less aggressive and uses fewer consumables than traditional shot blasting methods. Sentrex provides graffiti removal across the whole of the North West of the UK. We only send out fully trained precision blast specialists. Most graffiti removal work can be serviced by our mobile van systems. These units contain built-in compressors, large water tanks, and on-board electricity supply.

Sentrex has great expertise in Graffiti Removal, with the use of the latest equipment and chemicals we provide world-class graffiti removal services. We use a non-damage system for removing all kinds of graffiti including limestone, sandstone, Brickwork, plastic signage, Perspex, motor vehicles and so on.

We also have expertise in carrying out specialist work such as graffiti cleaning of heritage buildings, height work and monuments/war memorials, etc. We use top quality graffiti removing chemicals for removing graffiti from brickwork, plastics, woodwork and metal surfaces.

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