<h3>As well as our deep cleaning service, see also our <a href=decontamination services , our coronavirus infection control & fogging services pages" title="

As well as our deep cleaning service, see also our decontamination services , our coronavirus infection control & fogging services pages


As well as our deep cleaning service, see also our decontamination services , our coronavirus infection control & fogging services pages

Deep cleaning service for offices, industrial businesses, schools, landlords of social housing in the North West. For decontamination services, we also cover London and Birmingham.

Coronavirus deep cleaning? - In suspected cases or confirmed cases of coronavirus, SENTREX carry out the following deep cleaning services?

TOUCH-POINT Surface cleaning - We will focus on cleaning/sanitisation of all regular touch-points in your building.

FOGGING - We will then carry out a fogging process throughout your building using NHS approved anti-microbial disinfectants.

Fogging kills all but 0.0001% of bacteria, fungi and viruses...

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Sentrex provides deep cleaning solutions to 1000s of offices in the North West and in particular, around Greater Manchester.

The deep cleaning service we offer is tailored to each specific site, no matter the sizing or location of your respective offices.

From daily cleaning to daytime cleaning, deep cleans to upholstery and carpet cleanup you can expect an in-depth office cleaning resolution. Our contract cleaners provide a choice of products and services to suit your needs.

You can read more on coronavirus infection deep cleaning services here. If you are looking for more technical information on coronavirus deep cleaning guidelines, click the link.

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Further information regarding coronavirus - WHOs Coronavirus advisory advice for the public.  The WHO's coronavirus situation reportsCoronavirus condition overview. Coronavirus deep cleaning guidelines.


deep cleanersAdvancement in office and deep cleaning

Our resolve for innovation is extremely important in helping the prime purpose of offering top quality solutions regularly. Our intro of battery-powered cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly materials, in conjunction with our versatile and reactive strategy to needs on location, are amongst the attributes that place us all in a league of our own.

A combination of our extremely seasoned centralised service desk along with our proactive account administration, which will keep us within a frequent connection with each and every client, means that you could have total confidence in the expert services you can expect. Our distinctive Recruitment process makes certain that the right team resources will always be available onsite, too.


deep cleaningHow your business is seen by customers

A business is usually evaluated by its staff members, facilities and also by its efficiency, nevertheless, the impact offered by a workplace is established simply by its sanitary situations.

Unattractive stains of a mug, spilling of paint or everything out of order is always ugly to the eye. With this office cleaning service, you can be sure that nothing in the office section supplies a negative perception of your respective office.

Most of our clients are office environment proprietors and we thoroughly clean the workplaces from the top to the ground floor & furthermore clean the carpets, windows, drains, and washrooms throughout. Due to the fact it’s not only a day endeavour, but we also clean the workplace over a daily, per week, twice a month, or monthly basis.


office deep cleanWorkstation Cleaning and Touch-Point Cleaning

If a lot more people work in your office, substantial cleaning becomes necessary. In these scenarios, our clientele chooses either daily or twice each week cleaning & upkeep solutions. Our Cleaning products and services are carried out thoroughly making certain no harm will come to the office, pieces of furniture and fixtures. When you are seeking specialist cleaners, you can be assured that Sentrex provides a complete and trusted office cleaning services.

We can also carry out IT equipment cleaning also known as workstation cleaning. This is particularly important to reduce infection from being transmitted from one worker to their colleagues. Cleaning keyboards, computer monitors, mice and trackpads, as well as thorough cleaning of telephone equipment is essential or keeping your workforce health and your workplace safe.

Deep cleaning service include some of the following, though each deep clean is bespoke to the needs of the customer. Let us know what it is you need and we’ll put together the package you need.

  • Daily cleaning
  • Contract cleaners
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning and polishing
  • Washroom cleaning and hygiene supplies
  • Deep cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Litter picking

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