Daytime cleaning is proving to be the ideal solution for more and more office, retail, factory and leisure organisations.

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The benefits of daytime cleaning services

Businesses are realising the need for clean premises right throughout the day, not just first thing in the morning. They also appreciate the presentation of their premises is important, and increasingly employers are aiming to enhance the environment for customers and staff alike.

In response to this growing demand, Sentrex Services has developed a unique answer to daytime cleaning. We can provide advice on staffing, compact cordless equipment, health & safety issues – all coupled with a step-by-step guide to introducing daytime cleaning, so you can see the benefits immediately.

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Daytime cleaning is the biggest innovation to hit the cleaning industry in the past decade and the benefits are enormous:

  • Staff turnover is reduced as jobs with daytime hours are easier to fill.
  • Continuous cleaning allows you to maintain higher standards all day, with a smaller team of trained full-time staff and less machinery.
  • Cleaning staff gains more respect, as they are seen as part of the team.
  • You save on security and energy costs since our staff are onsite during normal business hours.
  • Cleaning staff can assist with other tasks while they are onsite – loading vending machines, preparing refreshments or even post room duties.

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