Sentrex offers a wide range of confined space cleaning services throughout Greater Manchester


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Who we provide confined space cleaning to

We provide these cleaning services to a wide range of industries and business types including farming, food manufacturers, industrial businesses, power stations, petrochemical firms, the chemical industry, and manufacturing industries.

The type of work we do may include:

  • Removal of blockages
  • Maintenance of turbine plates
  • Removing and reapplying rust inhibitors
  • Preparation for engineering works
  • Insurance inspections.

confined space cleaningWe can offer a range of confined space cleaning services including culvert cleaning, silo cleaning, cleaning of large pipes, hopper cleaning and commercial tank cleaning.

If the products or raw materials you store or process become contaminated, perhaps from water ingress, previous product residue, or if you have a blockage, you need our service. Most commercial tanks and hoppers require annual inspections for insurance purposes. All of these storage units need commercial cleaning for inspections and should be inspected periodically to prevent blockages and repair any issue before they become costly.

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