Sentrex provides cladding cleaning and building facade cleaning around Greater Manchester and the North West.

Get in touch with our team and you will be put in touch with one of our managers to arrange a quotation. From there, we will arrange for a site visit so that we can accurately quote for your cladding cleaning work. Site visits are essential in order to evaluate the best way to complete your high level cladding cleaning. Depending on the specifics of your building, we can decide whether we will use ropes, wash and reach equipment or a cherry picker to clean your cladding or facade. In addition, we can evaluate the health and safety risks to ensure your cladding cleaning is done safely.

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Cladding Cleaning services in the North West using cherry pickers, scissor lifts and, where more accessible, our Sky Vac system.

Sentrex is equipped to carry out cladding cleaning services throughout Greater Manchester and the North West to grubby and dirty building facades. Our high-level cleaning services can be carried out on a wide range of exterior surfaces, including powder-coated cladding, glass, concrete, aluminium cladding, UPVC, Portland stone, fiberglass cladding, and stainless steel cladding.


Facade cleaning is performed by our high-level team using our water-fed pole system from the ground, or using pressure washing and/or hands-on cleaning using high-level access equipment such as a cherry picker or scissor lift.

Before carrying out your building cleaning, we will carry out a risk assessment, before deciding how best to tackle your high-level services. Cladding cleaning is a cost-effective solution for the appearance of your property and is also an important facet of building maintenance. It is more costly to repair structural damage to your building than to maintain it properly with our cladding cleaning services.

All forms of building cladding must be cleaned periodically. This service, as well as for cosmetic purposes, is to prevent discoloring and corrosion of the cladding. With a maintenance schedule by Sentrex, expensive re-cladding or spray-painting can be avoided. Building facades can also be structurally damaged by wind. Commercial facade cleaning can limit the damage to your property and so, it is important that your cladding is maintained with regular high level cleaning.

Many buildings that Sentrex clean are worked on as part of a maintenance programme. We may carry out gutter cleaning, window cleaning or jet washing as part of a full building cleaning package for you. This makes the facade cleaning more cost-effective for you when carried out alongside other essential services.

Using hydraulic platforms and abseiling methods to access high-level buildings, we can provide all the protection necessary to minimise disruption and inconvenience to the public, client and the surrounding environment.

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