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Sentrex is not new to the decontamination, infection control and deep cleaning industries. We have many years of deep cleaning experience and expertise among our staff.

We know what the best processes and cleaning agents are for any scenario as well as having the trained staff to apply these processes.

The sheer amount of press coverage over the last few weeks has led to extremely high demand for the services we specialise in. However, this has also led to many companies either springing up in order to take advantage of the situation.

It has also incentivised cleaning businesses ill-equipped for decontamination and infection control work to offer these service anyway.

Sentrex are EXPERTS IN DEEP CLEANING. We are able to offer you accurate advice and a service that will leave your premises as infection-free as is possible.


What we offer that many other companies do not:

  • Years of experience in infection control
  • Proven safety procedures
  • Appropriate decontamination workwear
  • Fully training and experienced staff
  • NHS approved anti-microbial disinfectants
  • Fogging machines designed for infection control
  • Full certification & accreditation
  • Certification after decontamination

In the case of coronavirus cleaning, we carry out thorough touch-point cleaning, of those commonly handled surfaces and devices in your premises. We then move onto fogging your premises to remove air-borne viruses.

Call us today on 0345 548 4579 for a deep cleaning quote and to find out what deep cleaning and decontamination services are appropriate for your business.

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