Sentrex... here to support you in safely reopening your business

We are working hard to help our clients reopen their business premises as soon as possible and to help protect staff once they return. The main concerns for most businesses are those of sanitisation and social distancing. Therefore, we have secured supplies of PPE, hand sanitiser, Hand Sanitiser Stations, signage and more to keep your staff safe.
Hand Sanitiser Stations

Hand Sanitiser, Dispensers and Hand Sanitiser Stations

Once your staff are back in, we need to keep them safe. Hand sanitiser stations will help reduce the spread of infection and keep hand-cleaning at the forefront of your staff's minds. We can also supply desk-top hand sanitisers and wall-mounted dispensers.

Note: Product images shown may vary from available stock.

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Social Distancing Mats & Signage for your workplace

We have access to a wide range of mats and signage designed to help your staff keep to a safe distance. From large, bold, two-meter square mats to smaller versions that work as a gentle reminder.

We can also provide small signs for your walls, suitable for office spaces, factory floors and washroom facilities.

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PPE Products including Masks & Gloves

We are also able to provide a number of PPE products, including gloves and a range of masks. Gloves and masks are both available in a number of styles and grades.

Please call to discuss what it is you need and we'll ensure you have the most appropriate PPE for your working conditions.

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