We want to grow with you

Long-term relationships are at the centre of the way Sentrex is run. We are not only here for you throughout all four seasons, but year in year out as well. We're in it for the long-haul and want to grow with you.

grounds maintenance all year roundHere for you through all four seasons and year-after-year.

One asset that has enabled us to survive the ups and downs of the last 15 years, is our commitment to long-term relationships. In our capacity as a commercial cleaning company, commercial window cleaning company, industrial cleaning company and school cleaning company, a happy and reliable relationship is key for our clients.

We want our customers to know we are there for them year-in, year-out a well as all through the seasons. We strive to deliver a great service all year round. To use our school clients as an example, we provide induatrial cleaning during the holidays, commercial cleaning during term-time and grounds maintenance services where the seasons dictate.

When our schools needed specialist cleaning services, including deep cleaning, decontamination and fogging services, we were right there for them. One supplier, one re;ationship and the dependability that holds our relationship together.

grounds maintenance

Nurturing our relationship and growing trust over the long term.

We hope to be with you for the long-haul, not just the honeymoon. One-off pieces of work are just as important to Sentrex as the contractual work. A short, quick job for Sentrex is also an opportunity to demonstrate we deliver what we promise.

Grounds maintenance provides a nice metaphor for what we do here at Sentrex. Our client's business premises are an ecosystem in their own right. There is no clear boundary between the inside and outside and the services that helps to keep the whole thing clean, safe and presentable. Our grounds maintenance team not only looks after planting, mowing and grounds clearance. We can also help with line marking, graffiti removal, commercial jet washing and lots more work outside your school or business. If you need the facade of your premises cleaned, we're there for you. If you have an issue with your drains, we can handle it. Windows need regular cleaning, we can do it whether they are ground level or high level.

grounds servicesLets grow together

We provide the services that allow our relationship to grow as your needs grow also. Our grounds maintenance services and facility management overlaps nicely with the business of keeping the physical premises clean and tidy. Our core business is cleaning and we can add in specialist services right alongside the regular commercial cleaning services. If we spot an issue that's likely to cause harm to your occupants or damage to your premises, we can let you know and offer a solution.

No need for a long list of suppliers or multiple relationships to manage. It's just you and us... for the long term.

deep cleaning expertsOver 15 years in grounds & commercial cleaning

• We're in it for the long-term
• We will nurture as you grow
• Inside and out, we've got it covered
• One supplier with all of the expertise.

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