High Level Cleaning in Leeds and throughout the North West.

high level factory cleaning manchesterNo scaffolding! No Ladders! No Cherry Pickers! 

Sentrex now offer high level cleaning services in Leeds as well as throughout the North West. Based Manchester, we now operate facility management services, including high level cleaning, office cleaning, industrial cleaning, grounds maintenance and more in your area.

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We will arrive with a wide range of specialist brushes, tools and accessories to efficiently clean whatever difficult to reach high-level areas we are confronted with. This even includes a wireless camera and monitoring system included as standard to allow for real time inspection and monitoring of cleans in real time from the safety of the ground floor. It also includes a unique integrated hose cuff for simple assembly and secure fit during use.

Areas we can clean with our high level cleaning equipment: Industrial unit walls, High ceilings, Air vents and ducts, Air conditioning and ventilation systems, Sports facilities, Exhibits and large displays, and any out-of-reach architectural details.

No scaffolding! No Ladders! No Cherry Pickers! See how our high-level cleaning equipment works.



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