The post room is the hub of business communication within an organisation. Timely deliveries, quick and accurate handling and effective distribution of goods and documents are vital to the efficiency, image and health of your business.

Sentrex Services can provide a fast and reliable post room service. We will run your mailroom for you, agreeing service levels, establishing written procedures to achieve these standards, measuring performance levels, controlling costs and reporting on our results.

Within the context of mutually agreed goals for the post room, we can then get to work on improving day-to-day service performance.

Typical improvements include:

  • Earlier delivery to end users of the first post.
  • Later last collections for same-day despatch of mail
  • Faster internal mail
  • Improved accuracy of sorting, despatch and delivery
  • More secure delivery and tracking of signature items
  • Faster and more reliable service from third party courier and mail suppliers
  • Improved staff response to end user enquiries
The post room is one of the more significant expense lines within most organisations. Sentrex Services uses its experiences and buying power to transfer appropriate best practices to your site, cutting costs – often within the context of improved services.

Each of the key areas of expense is reviewed:

  • Staff Costs
  • Equipment Costs
  • Mail, courier and third-party courier costs
  • Administration of post room staff and supplier services

Our operational analysis system carefully studies volumes, workflows, physical layout and ergonomics, staffing patterns and unit costs to identify opportunities to save money.

Sentrex Services reputation relies on genuinely adding value, faster, more secure, more accurate, less expensive, more professional distribution services.

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