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Please pass my thanks to the whole team. If all firms were as efficient as you, this country would have undergone a revolution like we have never seen.

Raymond Ross, Ross Medico Legal

Sentrex are in it for the long-haul...  and we have the track record to prove it.

Having been in business for over 15 years, that has meant building a lot of very long-term relationships. As a contract cleaning company, a happy relationship is mutually beneficial to both us and our clients. Here's the how and why.

Building long-term relationships

experienced commercial cleaning companyPlaying the long-game

For us, we want to know our customer's business is there for us year-in, year-out. Not just for the initial term of our contract. That means delivering a great service all year round, whether it's commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, grounds services or something more specialised. Customer retention is important for any business and crucial to ours, and customer retention only comes with customer satisfaction. That's why Sentrex's primary goal is customer satisfaction.

Our maturity and years of experience enable us to deliver great customer satisfaction. We've pretty much seen it all before. Unlike those late to the game, we've worked with such a wide range of business types we have a good idea of the best solutions and the most effective way to deliver those services. One other big benefit of our maturity is our ability to adapt and work with unforeseen complications. For us, there are very few unforeseen complications that we haven't seen. We are less reliant on adapting to complications because we know how to avoid them in the first place. That means we're more efficient and can deliver more costs effective services to our customers.

We hope to be with you for the long-haul, not just the honeymoon. One-off pieces of work are just as important to Sentrex as the contractual work. A short, quick job for Sentrex is also an opportunity do demonstrate we deliver what we promise.

We aim to reward your initial commitment and grow trust over the long term.

experienced commercial cleaning companyCompetence & Realism

Not two of the most sexy adjectives, but really important in this context.

Realism - Our 15 years of experience is key to giving our customers a realistic expectation of the outcome of our work as well as an accurate idea of the work required and resulting costs. We're not new to the commercial cleaning business and so we're not guessing. We know what will be involved and we know what the outcome should be. So, no nasty surprises at the end of the job or that annoying escalation of costs.

Competence - Our experience ensures we deliver, and has been honed through experience. That experience is the cornerstone of our competence. If you've done it before and like Sentrex you've done it a lot, with positive outcomes, you can claim competence. And if you're in any doubt, we have the certificates to prove it and the case studies and happy clients to back it up. competence is ore important where your staff's health is involved.

For instance, if you require a deep cleaning in relation to the coronavirus, or perhaps fogging, you need to know it effective. Many companies have sprung up in the last four months providing fogging for covid, but are they competent? The type of fogging units used by the late-commers are often cheap and may not be up to the job. As these companies are going for a 'quick buck' they don't really care. It's not about the long-term for them. If we are called in to do what might be a one-off job for you such as fogging, we are still going to do it to the best of our ability. That means using the best available equipment and the proper chemicals.

deep cleaning expertsOver 15 years in commercial cleaning

• We have the expertise you need.
• We have seen the unforeseen many times before.
• We provide certification for the work we do.
• We want to grow old with you!

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