Factory cleaning services, provided by Sentrex, including factory wall cleaning by our own high-level cleaning experts.

Our factory cleaning service can include wall cleaning, and electrical equipment cleaning – we can tailor our approach to meet your needs.

Our team are equipped to safely and carefully remove years of grime from interior factory walls and restore the walls to their original shine. Sentrex’s industrial cleaning professionals remove dust that could contaminate products and that provide a breeding ground for infestation. We also remove built-up dust that could be an explosive or fire hazard.


When carrying out factory cleaning services, all machinery and products close to the wall area are cleaned first, if required, then carefully covered with protective plastic sheeting. Electrical equipment is covered and or cleaned by hand. From there, we can carry out factory wall cleaning and factory floor cleaning.


Let Sentrex professionally clean your plant so your business can meet regulatory standards and audits. We use low volume controlled applications of degreaser – and scrubbing where necessary – and rinse to make your factory sparkling clean which not only will impress your customers but make your factory a more pleasant and healthy workplace for your employees.


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About Our Factory Cleaning Equipment...

Where washing is not required, Sentrex staff use high-efficiency microfiltration portable vacuums which give minimal interruption of factory production. Some of the industries that Sentrex has performed industrial cleaning services for food processing, automotive, plastics, pharmaceutical, metal industries, warehousing, and printing, etc. Sentrex recently invested in a new high level, industrial wall cleaning equipment. This equipment is the safest and most cost-effective way to clean the high-level areas of your facility. Our wall cleaning equipment is a precision-engineered system, using lightweight carbon fibre construction.


It has a unique safety locking mechanism for the poles, heads, and brushes, which ensures the system doesn’t separate during operation. We use a wide range of heads to reach those difficult to reach areas. We get the best results for those awkward parts of your workplace, leaving them completely clean. The wall cleaning system is controlled by a high-powered vacuum unit. This allows us to clean quickly and more efficiently from ground level.


No scaffolding, no ladders, no cherry pickers! Operating from ground level, as well as being safer is more cost-efficient and means less disturbance to your business.


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