Industrial Cleaning Companies

Industrial Cleaning in the North West of the UK

Sentrex has many years’ experience of providing affordable, bespoke factory and industrial cleaning solutions to firms within food processing, automotive, plastics, pharmaceutical, metal, warehousing and printing industries.

If you are outsourcing cleaning services to professionals, you will be able to meet and surpass strict regulatory standards and audits, as well as ensuring your business is run more efficiently.

Our services ensure your premises are safely and carefully cleaned of grime build-up. This might include you roof decks, joists, piping and overhead ductwork. We use low volume controlled applications of degreaser and rinse making your factory sparkling clean. Not only will this impress your customers, but make your premises a more pleasant and healthy workplace for your employees.

Sentrex staff are trained and equipped to handle industrial ceiling cleaning jobs with any height of ceiling. All machinery and electrical devices below the ceiling area to be cleaned are carefully covered by Sentrex.

Industrial cleaning services: Some of the industries that Sentrex has performed industrial cleaning services for include:

  • food processing
  • automotive
  • plastics
  • pharmaceutical
  • metal industries
  • warehousing
  • printing

We offer commercial cleaning services contracts for all kind of commercial and B2B cleaning services.

Sentrex is experienced in cleaning the following t
ypes of roof decks and factory ceilings:

  • corrugated metal deck and open joists
  • insulated building panels
  • rolled, insulated vinyl
  • suspended vinyl
  • acoustic
  • dry wall
  • wood
  • concrete

Sentrex’s industrial strength cleaning is effective for removal of the following:

  • construction dust
  • environmental dirt and dust
  • oily residues
  • mould removal and disinfection
  • infection infestation of overheads
  • textile lint and dust


Sentrex’s professional industrial cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning Factory Roof Decks
  • Cleaning Factory Walls
  • Cleaning Machinery
  • Vacuuming Overheads
  • Unusual Industrial Cleaning Jobs

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