How to Keep Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Sentrex have performed very well from the proposal stage right through to the current day. Although we have only worked with Sentrex for a short period they handled the TUPE situation sensitively, managing the transition smoothly without any noise. They have continued to deliver in this fashion and feedback from our FM supervisor and customers is very positive. Stock management has improved and a recent fascia and window clean was well executed without issue. Long may this service continue!
Andrew Evans, Pharmaron UK

how to Keep safe coronavirusIn order to keep our staff and customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to keep you updated with the precautions we're taking to minimise spread of the virus and give you some ideas for doing the same.

If you're not sure that you're doing enough, or just need some further advice, please call our offces on 0161 998 4576. Also you can follow this link to the NHS coronavirus guidelines.

Here's what Sentrex are doing:

Steps taken at our offices:

  • Reducing staff at our head office
  • Ensuring adequate stock of cleaning and sanitising products
  • Sourcing new suppliers of PPE
  • Sending home any symptomatic staff
  • Regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces
  • Increased hand washing
  • Observation of staff for symptoms.


  • Keeping regular remote contact with our staff
  • Reminding staff of hand hygiene obligations
  • Providing regular updates to clients
  • Explaining to staff the requirements for self-isolation
  • Regular senior management meetings around government guidelines.

At client premises:

  • Minimising site visits by non-essential staff
  • Ensuring all cleaning staff are still available
  • Providing spray bottles, chlorine tablets and disposable cloths to clients
  • Providing RTU spray bottles where chlorine tablets can't be present
  • Providing GP Surgeries with disposable mops and cloths
  • Increasing daily cleaning and sanitising of touch points
  • Increased training to on-site staff 
  • Discussing local guidelines with clients relating to site access and attendance.

Here's what you can do:

Remind your staff of hygiene obligations

  • Clean your hands regularly
  • Use hand sanitiser if available
  • Clean your mobile phone regularly
  • Try to avoid touching your face
  • Use a tissue if you cough or sneeze, then bin it
  • If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention
  • If you show symptoms of coronavirus, self-isolate.

Observe social distancing where possible:

  • Reduce non-essential staff at your offices
  • Minimise client visits where possible
  • Make sure your staff understand the requirements for self-isolation
  • Send home any symptomatic staff

Keep your premises clean:

  • Ensure increased cleaning
  • Increase sanitising of regularly touched surfaces
  • Provide sufficient hand hygiene products to your staff

Stay informed

  • Follow advice given relating to the coronavirus
  • Provide regular updates to your staff
  • Call Sentrex with an questions you may have around coronavirus.
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