graffiti removalNot only anti-social and an eye sore, but graffiti could be an expensive issue costing the UK over £1bn a year. It also may impact on safety, but Sentrex provides fast and easy graffiti removal solutions at very affordable pricing.

We provide an initial graffiti removal cleaning service which transforms all the affected areas without harming the original surface. Projects could be based on fixed price, or price per coverage area and we do provide ongoing maintenance, based on your requirements. Our clients include Giant builders, construction contractors, property agents & developers, transport and infrastructure controllers, social housing associations, local authorities and general businesses which include small and medium scale enterprises.

Sentrex has great expertise in Graffiti Removal, with the use of latest equipments and chemicals we provide world-class graffiti removal services. We use a non-damage system for removing all kinds of graffiti including limestone, sandstone, Brickwork, plastic signage, Perspex, motor vehicles and so on..

We also have expertise in carrying out specialist work such as graffiti cleaning of heritage buildings, height work and monuments/war memorials etc. We use top quality graffiti removing chemicals for removing graffiti from brickwork, plastics, woodwork and metal surfaces. More Industrial Cleaning services