As required by law, Sentrex Support Services have a Gangmasters License allowing us to supply workers to companies within the Food Production industry.

Are you looking for a cleaning agency for your food production firm? Stop your search now because you have come to the right place. We, Sentrex cleaning agency, offer the best cleaning services that a food production firm like yours need. By hiring us, you no longer have to worry about bacteria build-up in your firm. To know more about us, continue reading this.

If your food production firm is not new then you may have already realized that the biggest challenge that you have to face is how you can prevent bacteria build-up in your facility. Your firm must be always cleaned and sanitized.

Because cleaning and sanitizing a food production firm is not that easy and simple, Sentrex is here to help you. Bacteria build-up can do a lot of harm to your company and we will help you regarding that matter.

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Why Should Your Firm Be Properly Cleaned and Sanitized?

– In food production firms, even the smallest food particles must be removed because bacteria will use these as their food and energy source. If bacteria have something to eat, they will be able to grow and spread faster.

– Cross-contamination usually happens when mistakes are committed during the cleaning process. For example, if a cleaning tool used in a contaminated area and was again used in an area that is clean, the latter will then be contaminated. Thus, the spread of bacteria will be quicker.

– Contaminated equipments make your food products contaminated. Because of this, consumers who buy your products might get sick. This then will give your company bad publicity and will damage your brand.

To prevent these things, we at Sentrex make sure that we follow a systematic approach created by HACCP. The said approach has three steps and these are as follows:


We first plan the things that we need to do in order to maintain food safety. In this step, we think about the following things:

  • How we can effectively get rid of bacteria especially those that may cause food poisoning.
  • What we should do to avoid the contamination of your food products.
  • How we can prevent cross-contamination.
  • What type of cleaning do we need to use.

Doing What We Planned

In here, we make sure that we strictly follow everything that was planned. We also document whatever we did.

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We constantly check if our employees cleaned and sanitized the place according to plan.

Sentrex adheres to other HACCP guidelines like using color-coded cleaning tools in order to prevent cross-contamination. Second is that we make sure that our cleaning tools are cleaned and sanitized after use. Lastly, we train each of our employees to make sure that your food production firm is cleaned well.

So what are you waiting for? You are just a phone call away from availing the best cleaning services offered by Sentrex. Hire us instead of hiring individual cleaners. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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