First Impressions

"Thank you for the professional service you provided... cleaning the office carpets to a high standard, at such short notice. You acted in a really friendly and professional manner."

Adam Davis, Interact

You only get one chance at a first impression...

So, it makes sense to create a good one.

first impressions grounds maintenanceThat first impression is made before entering your building.

How do your grounds look?
Neat and tidy grounds will get that first impression off to a flying start. Mowed lawns, well-tended shrubs and flowers, as well as the absence of rubbish tell your visitor that you take your business and your premises seriously. If you're seen to care about the little things, it's fair to assume you're taking care of the big things also. The Senrtex grounds maintenance team will take care of the exterior of your premises all-year-round. From planning to planting. Mowing, watering and general grounds maintenance will keep it looking great and ensure that first impression is always a good one.

good first impression

And what about the exterior of your building?

If you don't have grounds to be maintained, you most likely have a facade of some sort that is creating some type of impression. Clean windows are easy to maintain and it doesn't matter whether you're business is confined to the first floor or if you've got twenty floors of windows to clean.

Sentrex are seasoned professionals when it comes through to high-level window cleaning. We use a Reach-and-wash system for the lower floors which means no ropes or cherry pickers. And if you have a high-rise building, we can clean with ropes also.

If you're seen to care about the little things, it's fair to assume you're taking care of the big things also.

That leads us to high-level cleaning and facade cleaning. In the same way that we're equipped for high level window cleaning, we have the equipment and expertise for all facade cleaning. We are able to clean efficiently and safely no matter what the specifics of your building are.

We will make sure your windows sparkle, your signage shines and your building looks loved.

deep cleaning expertsOver 15 years in grounds maintenance & commercial cleaning

• Let us create a great first impression for your customers
• Let us look after the outside as well as the inside
• One supplier with all the expertise.

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