Facilities Management Facility management. Our area of expertise.

The Facility Management Association defines “facility management services” as a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the build environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

Sentrex began to facilities management services only a short while ago and we’ve already had the privilege to work with some of the renowned names in the UK. We believe, facility management services is an important aspect of overall maintenance of the building and requires extensive efforts for the same.

Our facility management services are basically divided into two sections:[/fusion_text]

Hard Facilities Management

Hard Skills are basically tasks that require physical and technical expertise. These tasks include:

  • Electrical wiring and power distribution
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing and water-works
  • Operation and maintenance of HVAC
  • Spatial Planning
  • Civil and structural engineering

Apart from the above, we provide other specific services too to help you have a great experience being in the building.

Soft Facilities Management

Soft Skills, on the other hand, are tasks that require mental efforts from an individual. And Sentrex has been providing excellent soft skills as part of our facility management service package. Some of the tasks that we perform are:

  • Customer relations
  • Contractor coordination and support
  • Team building
  • Time management

Although, soft skill services is a critical aspect of any business some people overlook it because it requires specific knowledge and experience. That’s where Sentrex comes into the picture and helps these businesses.

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Sentrex’s facilities services has a dedicated team of professional service providers with relevant experience. And, since we believe in providing value to our clients, we ensure that our clients get best results with our services. Regardless of what job our clients need for their facility, our team first analyze the condition of the facility, then come up with easy/cost-effective solutions.

Great Service, Great Quality, Affordable Prices
While we provide nothing short of excellent facility management service, we’re extremely competitive in our service charges. At Sentrex, we believe in giving solutions that last for a long-time, and allow our clients have an incredible experience while spending time in their facilities at rates they would love to pay.

A cornerstones of our service – We truly believe, a healthy facility leads to better environment; therefore, we’re very particular about responding to our clients. We listen to what problems they’re facing with their facility patiently –whether it is with their electrical cabling or plumbing, water-works and then solve those problems.

Why Choose Sentrex Facility Management Services?
There are plenty of reasons why you can choose Sentrex facility management services. But I think a valuable service, affordable charges and a client-friendly customer support separates us from the rest.

Sentrex has grown rapidly through word of mouth and personal recommendation. The quality and range of our services combined with the efficient, friendly and personal service that has become our trademark, makes us the ideal solution for virtually any essential service you might require. We work proactively with our clients to understand their requirements and to devise a bespoke service plan that meets the current and future needs of their company.

To get more information on our facility management services or if you have any other query, kindly contact us. To learn more about our other services click here for commercial window cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, industrial cleaning, hospital cleaning and grounds maintenance.