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Youth and experience both have their virtues, but which do you need in a crisis?

It almost certainly depends on the nature of the crisis, and perhaps the answer is both, if they can work together. But we can all agree that most delicate or critical situations need to be handled by someone with a wealth of experience.

But why? Because above all else, experience gives us more skills to draw upon. Furthermore, experience gives us a better idea of like complications and the solutions to those unseen problems. Whilst youth and enthusiasm undoubtedly have their place, a situation that can be worsened by the wrong choices isn't that place.


Let's paint a few hypothetical scenarios:

cleaning expertsScenario 1 - You've got chronic toothache and it feels like a car alarm is going off in your head.


You call your dentist to get an appointment, who tell you they're fully booked and you'll have to wait a few hours. In addition, it's going to cost you the price of a right down the socially-distanced pub.

However, your eager-to-please colleague overhears the conversation and suggests he could 'get that sucker out of there' with a little help from a You Tube video and the toolkit he keeps in his car.

The options are clear; wait a few hours and pay for someone who has a certificate on the wall to prove he knows what he's doing. Or get it done immediately, saving you time and money, and accept it might not go quite according to plan.

Decision Time... It's a no-brainer. Why risk the extra pain and likely complications. Quite possibly, you're going to end up having to go to the dentist at the end of the day and explain the scuff mark on your chest from your colleague's shoe where he tried for some extra leverage.

decontamination expertsScenario 2 - A global pandemic is threatening your ability to operate and the health of your staff.


A quick internet search provides a number of companies offering covid cleaning services. But not all of them recommend the same solutions.

One company recommends a cheaper and quicker solution than the others... tempting. Some are adamant you need to go straight to the 'nuclear option'... which in a way is more reassuring. Another supplier is right around the corner from you and can be there the same day... very convenient!

But you're not sure what the most important considerations are. Cost,  convenience or scale?  You're not sure what the most important factors are or what the risks are of picking the wrong solution are. Going with the cheapest doesn't seem sensible. But getting it done quickly might be crucial. And is the 'nuclear option' really necessary?

Decision Time... The fourth factor here is experience. All of the service providers tell you they can do the job. But who can demonstrate they can do the job? Which one of the suppliers seems to have a handle on possible complications? Which one can demonstrate their track record? Who has the certificates on their wall to back up their promises?

The benefits of experience:

1. Competence
Experience is proof of competence. If you've done it before, a lot, and with positive outcomes, you can claim competence.

2. Contingency
Every situation differs in some way or other. Experience helps build up a catalogue of contingencies to draw upon.

3. Cost Efficiency
When you've done something complicated a lot of times, you refine your processes over and over again to become more efficient... Being more efficient in turn means you can be more cost-effective.

4. Realism
Experience also makes it possible to give a realistic expectation of the outcome as well as the costs. So, no nasty surprises at the end or a slow escalation of costs.

5. Peace of mind
If there are certificates on the wall of the supplier and a certificate on your after completion, you've made the right choice.

deep cleaning expertsSentrex have been in the specialist cleaning business for over 15 years

We have the certificates to prove we know what we're doing and the expertise to draw upon when the situation isn't 'standard'.

We've seen the unforeseen many times before. We can adapt as situations develop. And at the end of the day, we'll provide you with a certificate for the work we've done to assure you that you've made the right choice.

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