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bottle recycling slideOur environmental mission and principles

Sentrex Services UK Ltd. aims to assess the impact of all our activities on the environment and in unison with all customers and suppliers achieve the highest environmental standards in all our strategies policies and actions. We continuously seek to reduce the environmental impact of our activities with due regard to all aspects of the Environment Protection Act.

As we progress with our aim to using more recycled and renewable products our purchasing policies will reflect the reduction in materials from non-renewable resources.


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In the application of the cleaning and associated services the main areas of interest will be:

1. Cleaning materials themselves.
2. The consumables utilised with the execution of the contract.

The manufacture of products is not carried out by us and therefore our main focus will be upon purchasing policies. It is our aim and we have included that all possible consumables will be purchased as fully recycled products and therefore all paper and where possible plastic products will be recycled products, goods and such then will not be supplied other than for cleaning use.

See Our Environmental Mission Statement Below

Sentrex Support Services Ltd Environmental Mission Statement

As a Company of more than 4 years, that has successfully marketed a variety of its specialised services, we at Sentrex believe in respecting and protecting the environment. For us, this concern derives directly from the basic principles that have guided us from the beginning. Our objectives have extended beyond the financial growth to include broader social goals. Foremost among these is promoting the health and Well Being of Families – NOT ONLY the families of today but also the families of tomorrow.

Sentrex’s goal is to develop our services with product and process design in mind so that they are compatible with the environment, beneficial in their use and manageable in their disposal. Sentrex’s main business is in the service of Facilities Management to Industry and Commerce throughout the United Kingdom.

We conduct our business with integrity, having proper regard for the interests of our clients. We aim to provide a high level of service and take seriously our responsibilities in the areas of Public Safety,  Environmental Care and the wellbeing of the community as a whole. We are committed to achieving the best balance between providing a cost effective and reliable service to our shareholders and employees, and minimising the impact we have upon the environment.

In recognition of the importance of this issue, responsibility for our environmental performance rests with our specialist team who assist the Company in developing our strategies and policies.

At Sentrex, we control our environmental affairs through an Environment Management System designed to ensure that staffs are fully aware of the impact we have upon the environmental concerns are an integral part of decision making. We operate to a stated Environmental Policies set ourselves objectives and targets and audit our performance periodically.

The principles of our Environmental Mission Statement are applicable to our Company’s operations throughout the United Kingdom. Our Company will take demonstrable actions on a sustainable basis in furtherance of these principles.

One of the greatest challenges we face today is making those vital decisions that will determine the Quality of Life for ensuing generations. We will display  leadership in pursuit of this challenge by bringing to all our services products that have been manufactured with the technologies innovations that promote clean air, clean water and clean earth….

A better environment for us and our offspring for
generations to come

To this end we dedicate ourselves to act, knowing that we are part of a large community.

Sentrex Services Environmental Principles

We are committed to protecting the Environment through the use of properly designed and manufactured products and services that we offer and we do in a manner demonstrably protective of human health and environment. We strive to minimise emissions to the atmosphere, land or water that harms the environment. All employees will know our Environmental policies and are expected to demonstrate excellence in job performance on environmental matters.

Reduction And Disposal Of Waste

We will work to eliminate the volume of toxicity of waste generated by our process, through our environmental improvements of products we use and service we offer  our customers. We will vigorously pursue opportunities to recycle waste before other management practices are applied. We will seek to partner with suppliers and customers that share a similar philosophy.

Development And Technology

We will actively research and develop and implement technologies that provide demonstrable environmental improvements in product line and services we offer.

Use Of Electricity

Whilst we strive to reduce the environmental aspects of our operations, we acknowledge that the use of electricity and the consumption of energy in general, will continue to have an environmental impact.

Sustainable Use Of Natural Resource

When possible we will use renewable natural resources in sustainable manner. We will conserve non-renewable natural resources through careful planning and efficient use. We will investigate the recycling of our products and make changes when feasible.


We will comply with legal requirements and if possible exceed them where National Company Standards are higher; we will implement programmes, procedures and products to attain legal compliance based upon scientific evidence, and we require constant compliance throughout the company.

Risk Reduction

We will operate in a manner designed to minimise environmental, health and safety hazards. We commit ourselves to protect our employees and others in the vicinity of our operations by employing responsible technologies  and  operating  procedures and by being prepared for emergencies. We will encourage employees to report to management any condition which they believe creates a danger to the environment or poses a health and safety hazard.

Protection Of The Biosphere

We are committed to the conservation of nature; we will seek to safeguard general habitats in rivers, lakes wetlands and oceans and through our choice of products and services, will minimise contribution to acid rain, smog or depletion of the ozone layer.

Public Policy And Education

We will support and participate in the development of public policy and in educational initiatives that will protect human health and improve the environment. We will aid the public in understanding the environmental impacts of our activities and services.


We operate and maintain a large vehicle fleet, and recognise that the use of vehicles has a wide ranging impact on the environment. The transport sector is a significant consumer of energy and vehicle emissions represent one of the major contribution factors with respect to global warming and acid rain. We have therefore adopted a range of measures that will reduce the impact our fleet has on the environment.

We will maximise the efficiency of a similar fleet through maintenance, selection of vehicle/engine size and driver training. We undertake careful routing and planning of journeys to reduce the need of travel and minimise length of journeys.

Internal Policy Assessment

The executive committee of the Company will evaluate and will address the environmental implications of its decision. We will commit resources needed to implement these principles.

The environmental mission statement policies and principles of Sentrex Support Services Ltd.

When we set aside the obvious business benefits of being an environmentally responsible organisation, we at Sentrex are left with the simple human truth that we cannot lead lives of dignity and worth when the natural resources that sustains us are being threatened or indeed destroyed.

We must act now…

A copy of our full environmental management policy is available to  all clients on request.

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