We offer deep cleaning services for offices, industrial businesses, schools, and landlords of social housing amongst others.

We offer bespoke deep cleaning services to businesses in a range of sectors across the North West, London, and Birmingham. Find out more about our service here and get in touch to enquire.

Here at Sentrex, we provide commercial deep cleaning services across the UK, covering our surrounding area of Manchester and further afield in major cities like London and Birmingham. We know that our commercial cleaning clients will all have different needs when it comes to ensuring that they have a clean space. That’s why we ensure our approach is always tailored to your commercial premises. We’re available to carry out deep cleaning services in a range of different settings. This includes, but is not limited to, offices, leisure facilities, retail outlets, washrooms, food retail environments, and so much more. 


We are also a coronavirus deep cleaning company – in suspected cases or confirmed cases of Covid-19, we can carry out deep cleaning services to ensure our client’s premises are clean and safe.

Commercial Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning process for decontamination involves a deep clean of all the regularly touched surfaces in your premises, followed by fogging with NHS approved anti-microbial disinfectants to kill viruses and microbes throughout. This is the best and most effective deep cleaning process, as it kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.


Whether you’re interested in our standard commercial deep cleaning or a fogging service to tackle Covid-19, we’d encourage you to get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements or to ask any questions about our service. 

Commercial Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning For The North West, And Beyond In The UK

The deep cleaning service we offer is tailored to each specific site, no matter the size or location of your company. We don’t necessarily carry out exactly the same deep clean for all of our customers – for example, the service provided to an office space would differ from the service received by a factory or warehouse. We will look at your own specific circumstances and work out what type of deep clean is best for your company. However, even though our approach might differ case by case, our aim is always the same: to provide you with the highest standards of cleanliness, which give you peace of mind that your commercial space is clean and safe.

Our deep clean can also be used to clean upholstery, carpets, doors – including frames and handles, windows, work surfaces, and IT equipment. Whatever your business set up, we will provide an in-depth deep clean to suit your needs.

Bespoke Packages And Services To Meet Your Needs

When we know what your needs and objectives are, we can suggest packages that are designed with all of this in mind. As a rough guide, our packages can include the following:


• Daily cleaning

• Contract cleaners

Carpet cleaning

Hard floor cleaning and polishing

• Washroom cleaning and the supply of hygiene supplies

Litter picking

• Upholstery cleaning

• IT equipment cleaning – cleaning keyboards, computer monitors, mice and trackpads, as well as thorough cleaning of telephone equipment is essential.

• Workstation cleaning

Our Approach

Here at Sentrex, we’re committed to using innovative and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a top-quality service. Our effective battery-powered cleaning equipment, use of environmentally friendly materials, and implementation of a bespoke and reactive strategy to your needs on location are amongst the attributes that put us in a league of our own.


The combination of our centralised service desk and proactive account administration, which keeps us within a frequent connection with each and every client, means that you will have total confidence in the expert services you receive from the deep cleaning teams here at Sentrex. Our distinctive recruitment process makes certain that the right team resources will always be available onsite, t

Commercial Deep Cleaning

How Your Business Is Seen By Customers

A business is usually judged by its staff and its facilities. For help with the matter, look no further than Sentrex. Unattractive stains of a mug, the spilling of paint, dirt build-up on work surfaces, or anything else that portrays your premises as dirty, messy, and unsafe can have a negative impact on your reputation and your image.


With our cleaning service, you can rest assured that we’ve done everything we can to showcase just how clean and safe your premises are. We do this by thoroughly cleaning the area, including carpets, windows, drains, and washrooms throughout. We can also clean your space on a daily, per week, twice a month, or monthly basis.


If your premises are used by lots of staff and visitors every day, we’d recommend regular, substantial cleaning – in these scenarios, we’d recommend using our cleaning service and upkeep solutions daily, or a few times a week. 

For commercial cleaning services that you can rely on, choose Sentrex. Whatever your deep cleaning requirements are, we will create a package to meet and exceed these needs – that’s just one of the ways that we put our clients first. Please give us a call 0333 240 1159 to find out more about our excellent services. If you’re looking for deep cleaning specialist services that are for industrial settings, you can find out more here.

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