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Whilst exterior landscaping is a somewhat simple process to understand, interior landscaping is a topic that often gets confused. Interior landscaping is the process of creating attractive, appealing internal green spaces, often in corporate environments such as office buildings, business parks, and other industry-specific locations. Here at Sentrex, our interior landscape design services are something that we take immense pride in; we’re an award-winning interior landscaping services provider with experience tackling projects of all shapes, sizes, and difficulties. As you can imagine, indoor plants require much more thought and design planning than outdoor plants. You’ll need to ensure that they’re in a location that maximises the natural light they’ll receive, otherwise your gardens may begin to dry and dull out very quickly, resulting in dead plants and increased maintenance costs. 

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To combat this, our expert interior landscaping specialists here at Sentrex are on hand to support your company when looking to revamp and revitalise your indoor landscape. With our expertise and creative flair by your side during this process, you can be sure that you’ll be creating a bright, sustainable indoor green space filled with plants and nature, with better air quality as a result of these additions to your indoor areas. 

What is interior landscaping and why do you need it?

Our interior landscaping design plans include product specifications that outline the wide range of tropical plants or artificial plants proposed for your office, along with decorative planter options and other office decor items to complete your interior landscaping. By following this plan, you’ll have a clear blueprint that enables you to execute your vision down to the finest details.


In your landscape design, indoor plant products and containers are tailored to your specific interior office plant needs. As an example, if your office space is dark and only allows minimal natural light, we can introduce life-like artificial plants or live tropical plants that will enhance a drab setting. Alternatively, if the lobby area sees heavy traffic, we may recommend bright, flowering plants to create a colourful, decorative display, as well as bracing, broad-leaf plants to define an office space or direct traffic flow. In addition to resolving common interior office issues with tropical green plants, our landscape plans offer significant health benefits for employees working within the space. By placing low light plants in dark corners or aligning them in a row (creating a wall of plants) in an interior space, you can reduce noise and create a sense of space.


Following the completion of your indoor plant specifications and landscape plans, we will discuss continuing tropical plant service programs. Our plant maintenance program provides regular horticultural plant care for the interior office plants that you select for your green spaces.

With Sentrex, there are two options to choose from when it comes to purchasing and maintaining your plants. These are:


Live Plant Lease Program

Live Plant Service with Guarantee Program

Our most popular program, the Live Plant Lease Program gives you all the benefits of tropical plants without owning them yourself. Using this program, you pay a maintenance fee each month for leasing the plants and benefit from 100% replacement coverage for those plants. Additionally, you pay a one-time fee to purchase the containers and accessories needed – this fee will also cover the installation costs, meaning you’ll have everything set up and perfectly presented in no time.

If you want to own your tropical plants while also receiving professional maintenance, you can opt for the Live Plant Service Program. Under this program, all replacement plants are covered by a monthly maintenance fee. As with the Live Plant Lease Program, you will need to pay a one-off fee to cover the cost of containers, accessories, and installation, but following this you will own all of the equipment and plants, giving you higher asset value in the long run. 

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