A workstation is comprised of one processor unit, one monitor, one keyboard and one mouse, a terminal is comprised of one monitor and one keyboard.

One telephone per workstation or terminal is included free of charge and does not have to be attached to the workstation or terminal, but should be in the same office.
Also upon request the charges for the following services :

  • Equipment Registration
  • Banking and Retail Equipment Cleaning
  • Fault Prevention Cleaning
  • Computer and Machine Room Cleaning
  • Ant-Static Treatment


Initial CleanSubsequent  YearlySubsequent

 6 monthly


3 monthly

Up to 15 (minimum charge)£149.00£149.00£149.00£149.00
16 to 50 (per unit)£8.50£6.80£5.95£5.10
51 to 100 (per unit)£7.50£6.00£5.25£4.50
101 to 200 (per unit)£6.50£5.20£4.55£3.90
201 to 400 (per unit)£5.50£4.40£3.85£3.30
400 plus (per unit)£4.50£3.60£3.30£2.70

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